Our Mission

We work to raise Gods kingdom and subdue wickedness for those that we love

Our Values

S.W.O.R.D - By these values we fight the battles of life

Sociability - We work together to achieve a greater goal acting in one spirit

Wisdom - As Jesus said "My people are destroyed for lack of knowladge", because of this we seek to be wise as serpents and innocent as doves

Operative Leadership - We believe in taking full accountability and making things right. Being a problem solver is the way to make progress

Rightousness - Our goal isn't just to know the word, but to live it, and act like Christ

Diligence - God has placed us here to work, and we work as though unto to deliver excellence

Our Origin Story

In 2021 the founder Corey was driving when his vision started going away. After parking his vision returned and he said “I get it Lord, I’m blind. I’ll make a change”. Corey then made some massive changes and founded this company to help other Christians do the same.

Early 2021

The Founder At The Hospital

In the summer of 2021, Corey was driving his semi in Ohio when all of a sudden a portion of his vision started to go away. 

Most of his vision was gone when he was just able to pull into a truck stop and get parked. Then he fell to my knees saying to God “I get it, I’m blind, I’ll make a change”. After that, some massive changes were made.

Late 2021

Corey After Selling Everthing He Owned

After turning his life around Corey then wanted to help others to do the same. So, he founded Talking Cross.

He sold everything he owned and lived out of his semi to raise all the money that was needed for the Bible Button, our first product.

Late 2023

Corey After Finishing The Bible Button

After two years Corey launched our first product the Bible Button. It's the first of many products we'll make to help you be a better Chrisitan.

We hope to help you and as many believers as possible before the return of our Lord, and this is just the beggining!